Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wonder Woman of Public Relations: Ilene PRoctor

Wonder Woman of Public Relations: Ilene PRoctor
by Peter Mathews

24, July 2014

I initially had reservations about using a publicist to promote my book, “Dollar Democracy:
With Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All“. This book
was too important, and too timely to leave to chance. That’s why I decided to hire a professional.
I was introduced to Ilene Proctor, a progressive publicist with a stellar reputation that preceded
her. Raising a family, teaching college full time, and trying to promote a book at the same time
would have been an overwhelming task. However, the cost of hiring a publicist seemed a stretch
for my budget. On the plus side, a professional publicist could successfully infuse vibrant and
focused energy to the crucial cause of introducing the ideas in my book to the larger world. Ilene
Proctor is a genius at marketing techniques unknown to other professionals. In addition, she has
valuable contacts in politics, entertainment, and news media; contacts that she uses to catapult
her clients to enormous new heights.

In two weeks of working with me, Ilene has already secured over thirty radio, television, and
magazine interviews, in addition to a dozen more that are well on their way to becoming a

I highly recommend Ilene Proctor, a public relations Wonder Women who produces results.

With highest regards,
Peter Mathews

Professor of Political Science, Urban Politics, International Relations,
and Sociology; Radio and TV political commentator; Columnist

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